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I receive emails and also questions from friends and those I meet in the market place. Since I write articles, with a blog I can comment with shorter reactions to ideas, and issues, and you can reply or comment about an issue, spiritual, cultural, and/or anything you’d like to post for a conversation-blog starter. A blog will give you a place to vent (civilly, of course) to a wider audience.


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Black Slavery Question
November 17, 2011

Hi Andrea, Did you ever research the black people. Where they came from. Was it the tribe of Dan that were black and what did they do to get judgement to be slaves here in America. Just wondering as a lot was talked about at the Call about how the blacks were treated. Kathy

I don't know what was said, but I assume the issue is one of black slavery? Historically slavery is not a color issue, but one of bondage, war, economics, and force (power) of one person over another. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Same family, same color, but the cause was jealousy. Sin has no color. All the 12 tribes sinned and all fell under judgment. Scientifically it's the amount of melanin in the skin that creates color because the closer humans over the centuries lived nearer the equator, the darker the skin (more melanin). The Queen of Sheba was "black." Actually Jews carry a lot of darkness in their skin. African (black) slavery in America came by way of Rome/England and the economics of traders going to tribal chiefs with money, gifts, etc. The chiefs of those tribes sold their own people to the traders. Blacks selling blacks.

On Friday, December 2, 2011, MO Ciccone said
I love your teachings they are from the Holy Spirit.I am Blessed to have been taught by you.For 20 years .I know how much the Lord Loves us He sent us you .I say this to everyone who wants to grow in the Lord with tears in my eyes.Pastor Anderas teachings through the Spirit WILL get you through this life.She Will teach you


On Thursday, November 17, 2011, Kathy said
Thanks for the info, You bring up some interesting points about the blacks. Joseph really didn't do anything but get a dream from God and he was sold into slavery .


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