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I receive emails and also questions from friends and those I meet in the market place. Since I write articles, with a blog I can comment with shorter reactions to ideas, and issues, and you can reply or comment about an issue, spiritual, cultural, and/or anything you’d like to post for a conversation-blog starter. A blog will give you a place to vent (civilly, of course) to a wider audience.


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Talking About God
October 12, 2011

These questions came from a neighbor during a conversation about God.

Why didn’t God destroy Satan the moment he rebelled? Why does God allow the suffering of His children to go on? If He is all powerful, why do bad people seem to have it better off (better life) than good people do (those that believe in Him and try to do their best to help others)?

Since this is a blog and these are age-old questions, perhaps some of you might have possible replies to these questions. I have a few, but I’d like to hear from you. So put in a few minutes and share, please. 


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