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I receive emails and also questions from friends and those I meet in the market place. Since I write articles, with a blog I can comment with shorter reactions to ideas, and issues, and you can reply or comment about an issue, spiritual, cultural, and/or anything you’d like to post for a conversation-blog starter. A blog will give you a place to vent (civilly, of course) to a wider audience.


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Fine Line
September 27, 2011

What’s your fine line? The one you won’t cross on point of principle?

Recently, I attended a special function which included the giving of a gift. Happily, I was willing to spend some money on purchasing what the recipient had requested. However, before leaving the celebration, I was asked to join a raffle. It wasn’t the amount of money I was asked to contribute that put me off, but the invitation to participate in funding a further gift for the person after I had already given one. The inducement for entering the raffle was the promised outcome of a gift should I give the right information on guessing something about the person for whom the accumulated money was to be given. I chose not to enter the raffle. Was I being picky? Was I too sensitive? Please share under what circumstance you did (or would) say “no”? When would you not cross your interior line?


On Friday, September 30, 2011, Judi said
I don't think you were being too sensitive. That is a trend in wedding right now, and I personally think it's too much. Like you said you've purchased a gift for the person or persons, and that should be enough. I've learned to always check that line inside me. What is the motive or my motive? Just check myself and ask God what am I suppose to do. :)


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