Dear Barbara,

What you're asking for in your ques-com email, I can't supply because your questions are a confusing mix of End-time scripture labeling-terminologies as well as occult divinations, such as codes, and moon-celestial speculations. And, to add more to your questioning stew you throw in pseudo science with DNA and Noah and Covid. Also, I don't watch videos from the internet.

I suggest, rather than spinning through the religious internet to discover the latest, newest, revealed special secrets through a spiritual guru-website, you spend your time by slowly, simply reading the New Testament for yourself. And by using a good, word-for-word translation like The New American Standard Version Bible, and by beginning in Matthew to ending in Revelation, and reading one verse at a time with note pad for questions and or insights you will grow in your relationship with the Lord. Do not read commentaries or listen to those who have "special" insight, "special" knowledge, or for anything that's religiously "special" until you have a firm foundation after you have read the whole New Testament for yourself. Place in your heart and mind a desire to move closer to God through His word by continually asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and knowledge by seeking to learn what God wants YOU to know about HIM. Perhaps at the end of this experience you'll have a solid, unchanging foundational relationship with Christ. This is necessary in order not to be tossed, swept, swirled about by the fads and fancies of silly ideas manifesting as a supernatural, brand new divine revelation which is— a to be followed as a faith-paradigm by an anointed leader who always has a book, DVD, discussion/chat group eager for you to listen to...and by the way, financially support.

JUST AS IMPORTANT: Find yourself a Christian Church that teaches that Jesus is who He says He is. "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6, and serve Him there.