Coming to the close of another year when 2021 was supposed to be better than the Covid-19 frustrations of 2020. But instead of hopeful expectations being realized, its outcome of inflation, angry rhetoric, national divisiveness is greater not less. However, there is still a perfect remedy for disappointments and losses, no matter the underlying causes, whether they are inwardly personal (and) or outwardly imposed. As long as the container in which I live is still being held down by gravity, the only sure remedy for every dis-ease, malfunction, and every disappointment in others and myself is not the put-on pretense silliness of positivity-thinking, rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, hyper-speaking of "cheer-up" platitudes, but the abiding, certainty of grace which has been given— and thankfully, gratefully received— because His unfailing love has been proved through my countless life-experiences. This remedy is an immortal one: dependence on Christ.    

                             He Hides My Soul

                   The world, I thought, belonged to me—

                   Goods, gold and people, land and sea—

                   Wherever I walked beneath God's sky

                   In youthful days my word was "I."


                   Time passed, I saw a vision dear.

                   He came to show His pathway clear.

                   My former word no more sufficed.

                   And what I said was—"I and Christ."


                   But, oh, the more I looked on Him,

                   His glory grew while mine did dim.

                   I shrank so small; He towered so high,

                   All I dared say was—"Christ and I."


                   The years have gone; He's held His place

                   To hold me steady by His grace.

                   Now when I speak in humbler tones,

                   What I say is—"Christ alone."


                                (Poem inspired from a sermon heard long ago, yet true for today.)


Andrea MacVicar©2021