Before His Face


We cannot see beyond the door,

We know not what He has in store

            For us.

We can but bow our hearts and pray

For strength to serve Him day by day—

            And work and trust.


Pain, dread, and doubt do us pursue:

We wonder what He has in view

            For us.

And then by faith we pierce the haze

And on His face one moment gaze—

            And love and trust.


We blaze our trail through desert sand,

We know there is a better land

            For us.

Its fields and flowers we cannot see,

But Jesus promised it, and we

            Just pray and trust.


One day we'll reach that mountain height

And see the land that's ours by right

            Through grace;

Then we will praise for desert sands,

For blinded trails and barren lands

            Before His face.


Andrea MacVicar©1990;2021