Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage

Friends have shared, emailed, and added to the many commentaries that I've heard in the media about the decision the Supreme Court made recently on same-sex marriage. Christian pundits have decried the Court's decision and secular "talking-heads" have rejoiced. Through the decades many ministries have commented on scriptures with advice on how to relate to those with whom we disagree such as: love your enemies; love your neighbor as yourself; pray for those who persecute you; don't judge others; keep the main thing, the main thing (the great commission)—by continuing to preach the Gospel to the unsaved.

I agree with much that has been said. And I have replied, "I think the Roe v Wade decision allowing abortion—an estimated 55 million humans murdered for legalized genocide— is worse. Gay marriage doesn't kill, abortion does. In fact, as the years have gone by since that momentous decision, and with the economics, the decline in church attendance for various reasons, the recession (2008-2009), the secularization of our culture into the present, I know that if 50 million babies had lived into adulthood, we could have been a nation of prosperity. Of course the apostles in the early church had to deal with the homosexual issues in the cultures of Rome and particularly Greece. Male 'friendships' were extolled in Greek literature and revered above male, female relationships. In both cultures male babies were considered of greatest importance and female babies were often left to die exposed to the elements. Sexual immorality was the norm. The idols of Rome and Greece (and other countries) had priests and priestesses who had sexual intercourse with their worshipers; this was done so that those who worshiped their idols could have intimacy with their gods. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit after Pentecost was the early church able to challenge and change those ideas and influence those cultures. There is nothing new under the sun. Today's world is much the same. That's why we're really sojourners here and resident/citizens of the Kingdom. In Christ we live under a new eternal Son—not made with human hands! We look up for our redeemer as our redemption draws ever nearer."

In addition I'd like to comment on my journey in Christ (which might be helpful to others and you as readers as well). On a daily basis I look to be continually filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, seeking to keep my life like a conduit for His power to operate by praising, trusting, praying, loving, being led to look for opportunities each day to share the Christ I know and have intimacy with, while ever keeping in my mind and heart that the "length of my days" were determined even before I was formed in my mother's womb by the one I have come to adore, and before the foundation of the world. Psalm 139: 7-18. Am I perfect in this endeavor? Hardly! But I keep pressing on through many trials (ie cancer healed) trusting that whatever I'm going through—be it now or in the future—has been sifted through His hands where He lifts and carries me on His shoulders to bring me into the fullness of maturity as His daughter for His glory.