There are many reasons to study the Bible. It’s God’s word to us—God breathed upon it—pneuma. Some of us like to read it through  in a year, verse by verse. Some of us study it by topical interest, for example, love—agape. Some of us study for worship and the discipline of starting and ending each day in God’s word—a good thing for inspiration and comfort. We select a time; write down what we’ve learned; read aloud and then later share what we know. Reading the scriptures and expecting that God will lead us, builds our faith, gives us stability and balance and peace of mind.  And, if we let the Holy Spirit do His work, we will desire His correction, which will bring cleansing to our souls. He warns and reminds us why we were born, why are here and where we are going—in the now of our lives—and, of course where we will ultimately be: heaven.

 I know that by my every day study of Sola Scriptura, only God’s word—without  reading commentaries, seeing videos, hearing sermons, watching Christian TV and DVDs, while very useful tools in themselves (you’re on my website reading this right now), can aid us to greater understanding—I learn the most by just reading the “pure” word and asking the Holy Spirit to bring His understanding thoughts into my mind and His direction in answer to a possible question I might have.There is no substitute for reading scripture. Within the bottomless, limitless treasures of the Bible are: power, authority, revelation, illumination, healing, worship and relationship—and the incredible depth of meanings in each one of those words, so simply stated.

 “I have hidden your word in my heart,” (Psalm 119: 11).