Dr. Andrea MacVicar
Dr. Andrea MacVicar
May 18, 2006

Andrea MacVicar, DSP

"Dr. Andrea" has ministered to the body of Christ since the age of eight. For over fifty years she has served in God’s army in various roles as intercessor, counselor, missionary, pastor, teacher, educator, Christian TV and radio evangelist-speaker, minister to ministers, writer and conference-seminar leader.

"Dr. Andrea" completed her education through Wayne State University, University of Michigan, and Marygrove College. Licensed and ordained in 1983 through Kingsway Fellowship International, she continued her education by earning a doctorate degree from Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary. She is one of the founding members of the American Association of Christian Counselors and was president of Rejoice! Christian School of Ministry (college accredited) for two years. As Regional Superintendent for Kingsway Fellowship International, she has ordained and ministered to over eighty pastors in a four state area and missionaries from other countries.

Founder and President of Rejoice! Christian Ministries, she continues to teach and write of a life time of experiences in Christ.

When asked, "What would you want as your epitaph? How would you like to be remembered?"

She replied, "Andrea MacVicar, servant-friend."

Mack, her loving husband for over forty years, is the administrator of Rejoice! Christian Ministries.