I believe in "cheerful giving," therefore, throughout my ministry, starting in 1976, I have never pressured anyone to give, but to follow the principle, which I believe is biblical as well: "give where you have been fed."  Of course, I hope you give first to wherever you worship and receive the "Word of Truth" in a solid, understandable, convicting, and inspiring way. But, there are many para-church, not-for-profit ministries like mine that also invite you to have "something to eat."  Please give support to this ministry which reaches out to you, answers questions, presents articles on various topics, and shares ministry experiences.

 This web site has been in business since 2004. You are a great blessing to me. 

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Rev. Mack and Dr. Andrea - for health, strength, and finances according to God's word.

Opportunites for Dr. Andrea to speak and publish the truth of God's love and to equip the saints for good works and abundant living in today's world.


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