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I receive emails and also questions from friends and those I meet in the market place. Since I write articles, with a blog I can comment with shorter reactions to ideas, and issues, and you can reply or comment about an issue, spiritual, cultural, and/or anything you’d like to post for a conversation-blog starter. A blog will give you a place to vent (civilly, of course) to a wider audience.


Recent Posts

The Other Cheek
March 18, 2014

Ever been in a situation when someone does something you feel is inconsiderate? Of course, you have. Did you ask the person to stop doing whatever? What if it’s your employer? A relative? A friend? Would you say “please stop” even if it cost you something? [READ MORE]

Black Slavery Question
November 17, 2011

Hi Andrea, Did you ever research the black people. Where they came from. Was it the tribe of Dan that were black and what did they do to get judgement to be slaves here in America. Just wondering as a lot was talked about at the Call about how the […] [READ MORE]

Talking About God
October 12, 2011

These questions came from a neighbor during a conversation about God. [READ MORE]

Pink October
October 1, 2011
Just in case you might think this blog is “sour grapes,” I’d like to share I’m a survivor of breast cancer [READ MORE]

Fine Line
September 27, 2011
What’s your fine line? The one you won’t cross on point of principle? [READ MORE]